Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak


2NS     VENUS detector at KEK-TRISTAN.

5045s     Klystrons used to power the SLAC linac, so called because they produce 50MW peak power and 45MW average power.

8-Pack Project     NLC R&D project to construct an operating special power source using a solid state induction modulator power two 75 MW X-band klystrons, with a SLEDII pulse compression system.


AA     Antiproton Accumulator. (CERN)

AAO     Affirmative Action Office.

AAP     American Association of Publishers. Often used in the context of SGML as the AAP DTD

AAR     Association of American Railroads.

AATF     Affirmative Action Task Force

AATF     Advanced Accelerator Task Force 


ABS     Atomic Beam Source.

AC     Antiproton Collector (CERN)

Accelerator Department Safety Office     See ADSO.

Accelerator Improvements     See AI.

Accelerator Maintenance East     See AME.

Accelerator Maintenance RF Systems     See AMRF.

Accelerator Maintenance Special Systems     See AMSS.

Accelerator Maintenance West     See AMW.

Accelerator Physics Expert     See APE.

ACCM     ACCMOR Collaboration.

ACCS     ACCelerator Status. A database primary.

ACD     Advanced Computations Department. (SLAC)

ACDA     American Commodity Distribution Association

Achromat     The concrete girders, or cells, in the SLC arcs are called 'achromats' because their magnetic optics are designed to be achromatic. A beam line is called achromatic when its beam transport characteristics do not change momentum. For convenience of construction and operation, the arcs are divided into 23 subsections, each made up of 20 magnets. Each subsection is called an achromat.

ACI     American Competitiveness Initiative.

ACL     Access Control List

ACME     Advanced Cosmic Microwave Explorer

ACT     Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope.

AD     Accelerator Department.

AD     Antiproton Decelerator (CERN)

AD&I     Accelerator Design & Integration. (ILC)

AD2     Antiproton Decelerator (CERN)

ADA     Anello Di Accumulazione. Italian half-meter diameter positron- electron asymmetric ring. Built in 1961.

ADC     Analog to Digital Converter.


ADCOC     Associate Directors' Committee on Computing.

ADCP     Pointer to ADC location in buffer. (%ADC n + CH m) where n is the ADC number o ...M is the channel number. A magnet VAX database secondary.

ADONE     Italian 1.5 GeV electron-positron collider. In operation 1969-1993 (Frascati)

ADP     Automated Data Processing

ADS     Anti-De Sitter

AE     Architect / Engineer.

AEC     Atomic Energy Commission. Superseded by the Energy Research and Development Agency (ERDA), which in turn was superseded by the Department of Energy (DOE). Established 1 August 1948, superseded 11 October 1974. GOV

AECM     Architectural Engineering Construction Management.

AEMCBP     Advances in Experimental Methods for Colliding Beam Physics.

AEMS     Argonne Effective Mass Spectrometer.

AES     Advanced Engineering Staff (General Motors).

AES     Advanced Energy Systems.

AFRD     Accelerator and Fusion Research Division (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

AGF     Alternating Gradient Focusing magnet. The SLAC arcs are made up of AGF magnets. See also Achromat.

AGOR     l'Accelerateur Groningen-ORsay. a cyclotron resulting from collaboration between KVI and IPN.

AGS     Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (Brookhaven)

AIP     Accelerator Improvement Project.

AIPE     American Institute of Plant Engineers.

ALCOR     Algebraic Coalescence Rehadronization

ALE     Asymptotically Locally Euclidean

ALEP     ALEPH - CERN LEP detector.

ALEPH     CERN-LEP detector

ALICE     large ion collider detector experiment at the CERN LHC.

ALICE     Alpha LInux Cluster Engine.

AMBASS     AMBASSador. A model of computer terminal manufactured by Ann Arbor Corporation.

Ambassador     See AMBASS.

AME     Accelerator Maintenance East. Part of PCD.

AMEP     Assistant Manager for Energy Programs.

AMJ     AMplitude Jitter. A klystron summary display message indicating jitter in the klystron output.

AMM     AMplitude Mean. A klystron Summary Display message indicating that the klystron mean amplitude is out of tolerance.

AMplitude Jitter     See AMJ.

Amplitude Mean     See AMM.

AMR     Adaptive Mesh Refinement

AMRF     Accelerator Maintenance RF Systems. This is the department responsible for the maintenance of Linac klystrons, DR klystrons, klystron vacuum pumps power supplies, pulsed RF systems, phase and RF cooling water systems (formerly called 'Gallery Maintenance').

AMSS     Accelerator Maintenance Special Systems. The group responsible for the maintenance of the kickers. There are approximately a dozen kicker systems on the SLC experiment. See also Kicker.

AMW     Accelerator Maintenance West. Part of PCD.

AMY     AMY detector at KEK-TRISTAN.

Analog Status     See ASTS.

ANRCP     Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium

Anti-Preprints     A section in PPF (Preprints in Particles and Fields) published by the SLAC Library, which lists publication information for former 'preprints.' Available from SLAC's ftp server at: ftp://preprint.

AOG     Accelerator Operations Group.

AORR     Accelerator Operations Readiness Report.

AOT     ADC Out of Tolerance. A MCC klystron CUD message.

AP     Algorithm processor.

APARS     Advisory Panel on Accelerator Radiation Safety.

APD     Avalance PhotoDiodes

APE     Accelerator Physics Expert. A person recording incidents and problems during operations of the SLC in order to collect data for analysis and improving operation efficiency. Also called 'Machine Physicist.'

APEX     Accelerator Physics EXperiment.

APIARY     An early ACROnymn for the B Factory. Alper Garren, an LBL accelerator physicist who first designed the lattice for what is now referred to as PEP-II, or the B Factory, coined the phrase 'Asymmetric Particle Interactions Accelerator Research Yard.' Pier Oddone at LBL used an alternate version that captured the physicist's perspective of the high luminosity: 'Asymmetric Particle Interactions At Roaring Yield.'

APM     Automated Photographic Measuring

APM     Automated Plate Measurement

Apron     The floor area in the CEH. Some Power Supplies and SLC controls hardware are located on the apron. In any sunken experimental collision area, the apron is the edge at ground level, and the sunken area is called the `pit.' SLAC

APUL     Accelerator Project to Upgrade LHC.

Arc     One of the two curved, caliper-shaped transport lines of the SLC which transport the two beams from the switchyard to the final focus area for collision. Since the arcs are curved and without klystron accelerator stations, about two GeV of beam energy is lost in each arc. See also Achromat.

ARCM     Arc Magnet

ARCS     Accelerator Resonantly Coupled Energy Storage

ARG     ARGUS detector at DORIS.

ARGUS     A complete particle detector, upgraded with a microvertex drift chamber for B-meson physics, at DESY DORIS-II.

AROD     Accelerator Research and Operations Division.

ARRA     American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009).

ART     Americas Regional Team (ILC).

ASLUND     BaBar fast Monte Carlo simulation

ASP     Anomalous Single Photon detector and experiment at PEP.

ASPK     Automatic SParK chambers.

ASSET     Accelerator Structure SET-up. A SLAC experiment to test future linear colliders. A three-meter beam line space in linac sector two has been reserved to test X-band structure.

ASTE     ASTErix detector at LEAR. (CERN)

Astro2010     National Academy of Sciences' National Research council report New words, new Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics, released 8/13/ 2010.

ASTS     Analog STatuS. An SLC VAX primary.

ATB     Augmented Technical Board.(BaBar)

ATIC     Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter

ATOL     ADC TOLerance. A VAX magnet database secondary. The loose tolerance on desired current. Used for calibration, standardization, and for diagnostic knobs.

Atomic Energy Commission     See AEC.

ATW     Accelerator-Driven Transmutation of nuclear Waste. A proposed Japanese Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) facility that, if constructed, would bombard long-lived radioactive isotopes with neutrons to convert them into more stable isotopes.

ATWD     Analog Transient Waveform Digitizers (NESTOR).

AWG     Analysis Working Group (BaBar).

AXAF     Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility.