Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak T

TBD     To Be Done.

TBLC     Two-Beam Linear Collider

TCM     Toroid Charge Monitor. A CAMAC module used to digitize beam current intensities measured by the toroids in the beam line.

TD     Technical Division.

TDC     Time to Digital Converter. A database primary.

TDL     Technical Data Library. Branch of SLAC Library devoted to specifications, standards, and vendor catalogs. Discontinued in 1993.

Technical Data Library     See TDL.

TEXAS     Totally hermetic EXperiment At the Supercollider (SSC).

Text Processing Unit     See TPU.

Tick     The finest timing increment in the SLC timing system. 1 tick = 8.4 nanoseconds (119 MHz).

Time Matrix     See T-Matrix.

Time Nominal     See TNOM.

Time Projection Chamber     See TPC.

TIS     Technical Information Services Department.

T-Matrix     A VAX database which contains most of the timing data necessary to run all the triggerable devices in the machine. Each micro contains the piece of the T-Matrix it needs, called the beam matrix. `IPLing' the micro refreshes or reloads the T-Matrix into the micro.

TMUX     Trigger MUltipleXer. A CAMAC module which sends a pulse to the GAP Voltage controller module.

TNOM     Time NOMinal. A T-Matrix or beam matrix time delay relative to the reference beam. Can be programmed to give a single value offset to all triggered devices in a micro for any given beam code. Done only with BDL.

TNRLC     Texas National Research Laboratory Commission.

TOPS     TOp hat Pulse Shaper, a SLC Polarized Light Source Subsystem.

TOPS     Technology Opportunities for increasing the Proliferation resistance of global civilian nuclear Power Systems

TPAP     Transcontinental Persistent Archive Platform.

TPC     Time Projection Chamber. A two gamma detector formerly located at PEP Region 2. Also, a detector for the ILC under development at DESY, and a detector for the LZ experiment.

TPU     Text Processing Unit. A DEC utility to handle file editing programs on the VAX. TPU is used to create MACROs for the EVE editor.

Transiac     A brand name. It usually refers to the 16 channel DAC CAMAC module used throughout the SLC.

TT     Tiger Team. 

TTBT     Threshold Test Ban Treaty

TWA     Treatment Works Approval.

TWIXT     Region upstream of a dipole between the two magnets.(On LASS, twixt was downstream of the solenoid and upstream of the dipole.)

TWR     Transient Waveform Recorder. A CAMAC module.