Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak N

NA31     CERN NA31 Spectrometer-Calorimeter.

NAIAC     Nonproliferation, Arms Control and International Security Advisory Committee.

NAP     Non-proliferation Advisory Panel.

NBS     National Bureau of Standards (US).

NCA     North Collider Arc.

NDR     North Damping Ring.

Netscape     Netscape Communications Corporation, founded in 1994. Products included the popular Navigator Web browser, web servers, and tools for building intranets.

NFF     North Final Focus.

NFS     National Facilities Survey.

NIM     Nuclear Instrumentation Module. A backplane module crate system similar to the CAMAC system. The NIM system does not include a computer interface.

NIT     North Injection Tunnel. The electron transport line going from the BSY to PEP. Also: North Injection Transport.

NLC     Next Linear Collider.

NLTR     North Linac To Ring.

NN-20     DOE/NN Office of Research and Development

Nomad     A relational database in use at SLAC for numerous accounting and business applications. Nomad has the unique ability to transform a flat file into a searchable database without any restructuring of the file.

NOMAD     Neutrino Oscillation MAgnetic Detector (CERN)

Non-Production Web Pages     Pages and directories used to develop files which will eventually be launched into production. This is often your own ~username directory, but is may also be somewhere else in your personal space not linked to the SLAC home page. See also: Production Web Pages.

North Injection Tunnel     See NIT.

November Revolution     In physics, November 1974, when two separate experiments at SLAC and at Brookhaven independently discovered the first of a new set of particle states, the J/Psi particle. (See

NPAC     Nuclear Program Advisory Committee.

NPI Nuclear Physics Injector     An electron gun in the LINAC, located at Sector 25, that delivers high current beams at low energy, which is not possible using the entire linac. It is also used to generate electrons for low-energy running when the front end of the LINAC is down for maintenance or for some other reason.

NPL     National Priorities List (from CERCLA)

NPO     Non-Purchase Order.

NRB     North Reverse Bend. See also RB.

NREX     North Ring Extraction. See also NREX loops.

NREX Loops     North Ring Extraction Feedback Loops (Circuits).

NRO     National Reconnaissance Office.

NRTL     North Ring to LINAC.

NSCY     A pair of numbers in the database. The first number represents the number of standardization cycles, and the second number represents the wait period before starting back down during a cycle in milliseconds (how long you wait at the top of the standardize).

NTM     National Technical Means

NUCHEP     Nippon-US Commission for HEP.