Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak D

DAC     Director's Advisory Committee.

DAC     versus Current Goodness See DVIG.

DACL     CAMAC DAC location. A magnet database secondary.

DACV     A magnet database secondary indicating the last DAC value.

Daczero     To run down a magnet to zero current. This is done by putting zero volts on the DAC that controls the magnet's power supply.

DAFNE     phi-meson factory at the Frascati National Laboratories (Italy)

DALEC     Dump All Low Extracted Currents. A system which senses current in the Damping Ring before extraction and stops extracted beam in the Beam Switch Yard if current is below a specified threshold.

Damping Ring Injection Point     See DRIP.

Damping Ring Phase Processor     See DROPP.

Damping Ring RF     See DRRF.

Damping Ring Turns Counter     See DRTC.


DAS     Data Acquisition System (SLD)

DASP     DESY double-arm spectrometer.

DAT     An abbreviation for DATA used in VAX file terminology as in 'File.Dat.'

DBC     Deuterium bubble chamber.

DBEX     DataBase EXecutive. A VAX process which transfers data between the micros and the host computer.

DBGEN     DataBase GENeration. The process of rebuilding the database on the SLC VAX. It is a process that adds new signals to the database and simultaneously checks that no two signals have the same name.

DBInstall     Transfer of the complete database from the SLC VAX to the MCC VAX (or vice versa). It involves a brief shut down of operations. (The computer can't use the database while it is being updated.)

DCH     Drift CHamber. (BaBar)

DCI     Dispositif de Collision dans l'Igloo. The electron - positron storage ring at ORSAY.

DCL     Digital Command Language. The command language used by the VAX.

DCVD     Drift Chamber Vertex Detector. It is used for high-precision tracking of charged particles near the interaction point.

DDS     Damped Detuned Structure

DEAR     Experiment conducted at the Frascati National Laboratories (Italy) phi-meson factory DAFNE

Decnet     A VAX communications system protocol between DEC computers. Decnet provides remote file service and remote terminal sessions. It can be used on the Ethernet cable system.

DELCO     Direct ELectron COunter, an experiment at PEP.

DELPHI     DEtector with Lepton Photon and Hadron Identification. (CERN-LEP)

DESY HERA     DESY Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator

DGRP     Display GRouP. A VAX primary.

DIDN     Digital Input Device label defiNitions. A VAX primary.

Differential Pumping Station     See DPS.

Digital Command Language     See DCL.

Digital InputDevice Label Definitions     See DIDN.

Digital to Analog Converter     See DAC.

DIRC     Detector of Internally Reflected Cherenkov light. DIRC is a device developed for use in the SLAC BaBar Detector. Also: Detection of Internally Reflected Cerenkov Light. Invented by Blair Ratcliff.

Disaster Monitor    Obsolete. See Burn Through Monitor.

Display Group     See DGRP.

Divide By Four     A module which divides by four the S-BAND frequency to get the RF subharmonic used in the damping rings.

DLCO     DELCO detector at SLAC-SPEAR or SLAC-PEP.

DLPH     DELPHI detector at LEP.

DM     Disaster Monitor. See Burn Through Monitor.

DM1     Magnetic detector no. 1 at Orsay DCI collider.

DM2     Magnetic detector no. 2 at Orsay DCI collider.

DOE ACTS     Department of Energy Academies Creating Teacher Scientists.

DOE ER     Department of Energy, Energy Research. This department supersedes the Energy Research and Development Agency (ERDA), which superseded the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

DOE OBER     Department of Energy Office of Biological and Environmental Research.

DOE SF     DOE San Francisco Field Office.

DOE/OAK     Department of Energy Oakland Operations Office

DOENTS     Department of Energy Nationwide Telecommunication Services.

DONUT     Direct Observation of the NU Tau. Experiment (FermiLab) that in 2000 directly observed the tau neutrino for the first time.

DORIS     DOppel RIng Speicher, a storage ring at DESY.

DPAC     Deputy Physics Analysis Coordinator (BaBar).

DPG     Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.

DPS     Differential Pumping Station. A refrigerated section of waveguide which is used to maintain a difference in vacuum pressure between the LINAC and BSY, yet allows beam to pass (also called Refrigerated Baffle).

Drift Chamber Vertex Detector     See DCVD.


Damping Ring Injection Point. 1. A PPS area between PPS Sector 0 and PPS Sector 2, and the Damping Ring vaults. 2. The point where the beamlines from and to the rings are connected (the Ten Finger Box).


Dropp Phase     A Damping ring phase shifter used in phase ramping the damping ring RF to phase the beam with respect to the LINAC S-BAND frequency.

DRPP     Damping Ring Phase Processor. A CAMAC module driving the Damping Ring Phase Shifter. (Sometimes appears as DROPP.)

DRRF     Damping Ring RF. A VAX primary.

DRS     DResS.

DRTC     Damping Ring Turns Counter. A CAMAC module including a 20 bit counter reset by the FIDO missing pulse and incremented by the MTG: used to synchronize extraction from the damping rings with respect to PEP RF when filling the PEP storage ring.

DRV     Damping Ring Vault. (SLC)

DSP     Digital Signal Processors

DTE     Data Terminal Equipment.

DUD     Deep Underground Detector (IMB).

DUMAND     Deep Underwater Muon And Neutrino Detector.

DUSEL     Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (at Homestake Mine, South Dakota). Became SURF.

Dvi     A common abbreviation for DeVice Independent. It refers to output produced by TeX, and is often used as the "extension" portion of a computer file specification containing TeX output, as in "myletter.dvi."

DVI     The product of the DAC and power supply transfer functions. For conversion of DAC units to power supply output units. A SLC VAX database secondary.

DVIG     DAC Versus current Goodness. The root mean square residual error (in DAC bits) from the linear fit as determined from a calibration. A magnet database secondary. Also, a SLC VAX database secondary.

Dvips     A commonly-used program that converts TeX DVI files to PostScript. An important feature is that it can merge other PostScript files into its output, permitting an author to include figures and other graphics with text.