Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak F

F731     FNAL E-731 Spectrometer-Calorimeter.

FAMIS     Facilities Asset Management Information System. A Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) used by SLAC ETS.

FAS     Federation of American Scientists.

FBC     Freon bubble chamber.

FBLJA     Forward-Backward Lepton Jet Analyzer.

FCS     Future Computing at SLAC.

FCST     Federal Council for Science and Technology.

FCTS     Fast Control and Timing System (BaBar)

FD     Fire Department (under contract from the City of Palo Alto).

FEA     Finite Elements Analysis. (BaBar)

FEI     Firing Error Indicator.

FID     FIDucial. 

FIDO     FIDucial Output. a chassis which is used as a local timing reference. The FIDO extracts the fiducial pulse from the 476 MHz MDL. The output of the FIDO is a 119 MHz signal with a missing half cycle to indicate T-zero which is fed to a PDU.

Fiducial     A pulse created every 2.8 milliseconds, doubled in amplitude, and used as a marker for timing. This double amplitude signal is superimposed on the 476 MHz as it is synchronized to the zero crossings of the 3 phase PG&E signal and to the damping ring revolution frequency. The fiducial is processed by the FIDO and goes to the PDU.

Fiducial Output     See FIDO.

FINUDA     Experiment conducted at the Frascati National Laboratories (Italy) phi-meson factory DAFNE

FLASH     Fluorescence in Air from SHowers. (SLAC-E-165)

Flemming     Beam Loading Feedbacks for the SLC damping rings, designed by Flemming Petersen.

FOLA     Friends of the Linear Accelerator (SLAC).

FRAB     ADONE beta anti beta group detector.

FRAC     FRACtional energy gain from the model. A magnet database secondary.

Fractional Energy Gain from the Model     See FRAC.

Fractional T1     A communication line consisting of some fraction of a standard T1 line. Fractions are allocated in multiples of 64 Kbps. A T1 line can support up to 24 64-Kbps channels.

FRAG     ADONE gamma gamma group detector.

FRAM     ADONE MEA group detector.

Fred     A SLC operation nickname for a PPS procedure allowing access into the SLC Arcs while the beam is still in the BSY.

FREJ     FREJUS Collaboration - modular flash chamber detector (calorimeter).

FRG     Federal Republic of Germany.

FSU     Former Soviet Union.