Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

Historic terms:

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Legacy SLACspeak I

I&C     Instrumentation and Control. Obsolete. See CD.

IAPCM     Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

IDA     Institute for Defense Analysis.

IDIM     Isolated Digital Input Module. A CAMAC module with 32 individuals status input bits.

IDOM     Isolated Digital Output Module. A CAMAC module with 32 channels of opto-isolated output incorporating full control and read-back of output conditions.

IFB     Invitation For Bids.

IFC     International Finance Committee (BaBar).

IISS     International Institute for Strategic Studies.

IMB     Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven underground Cherenkov detector experiment.

IMB-3     Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven underground Cherenkov detector experiment.

IMRSS     International Monitored Retrievable Storage System.

INSPEC     INformation Services for the Physics and Engineering Communities.

IPL     Initial Program Load. A klystron CUD message indicating that the klystron PIOP needs to be IPLed.

IPL     Initial Program Load. On VAX system, it is used to re-boot or initialize a COW or other micro.

IRG     Institutional Reading Group (BaBar).

ISABELLE     Intersecting Storage Accelerator + BELLE (beauty): particle physics facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory approved for construction in 1978 but cancelled in 1983. (DOE)

ISG     International Study Group (NLC)

ISODARCO     International School On Disarmament And Research on COnflicts (Italian Pugwash Group).

ITCAP     International Technical Assistance and Cooperation.

ITDS     Information Technology Departmental Support group. (SLAC)