Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
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Legacy SLACspeak X-Y-Z


XEBC     Xenon bubble chamber.

X-Ray Screen     A profile monitor off the beam path where x-rays created by a synchrotron radiation source hit some material to generate secondary emission of visible light. The light itself is recorded by a video camera and transmitted by cable to MCC. This type of beam monitor is used extensively in storage rings where anything placed in the beam path would kill the stored beam.

Xyplex     One of the two local network servers to communicate between the VAXes and the terminals.  Xyplex is a brand name for this connection box.



Z Location     Any SLC device has a Z location in meters (longitudinal distance from some reference point). The reference point for the SLC system is at the beginning of sector 1 (CID has negative numbers). For example, QUAD 111 (the first magnet in sector 1) has a Z position of 0.8000000 meters).

Z Per Hour     See ZPH.

ZEUS     an experiment conducted using the HERA collider.

ZFS     Originally, Zettabyte File System. A Solaris file system that manages physical storage with storage pools.

ZGS     Zero Gradient Synchrotron (Argonne).

ZPH     Z Per Hour. A measurement of SLC luminosity, or Z production rate.

ZTIM     Indicates the last time a magnet standardization was lost. A database secondary.