Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
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Legacy SLACspeak B

B Factory     One of two high-energy physics facilities currently in operation in the US (SLAC) and Japan (KEK). Both B Factories collide electrons with positrons to produce large numbers of B mesons (bound states of a bottom quark and an anti-down quark) and anti-B mesons. By measuring the difference in decays of B and anti-B mesons, physicists hope to understand CP violation, thought to bathe reason why matter dominates in the universe. At SLAC, the B Factory accelerated electrons at 9 GeV and positrons at 3.1 GeV at KEK, the energies are 8 GeV and 3.5 GeV.

B845     BNL experiment 845 detector.

BaBar    Official name for SLAC B Factory detector. Also known as B B-bar detector. (Named after the elephant in Laurent DeBrunhoff's children's books, with permission of DeBrunhoff's estate.)

Backplane     Signal data bus at the rear of a CAMAC crate or multibus crate.

BACOP     Bay Area Construction Opportunity Program.

BAD     BaBar Analysis Document.

BAIS     BaBar Analysis Information System

BAKS     Baksan underground scintillation telescope.

BATS     Ballistic Aerial Target System.

BATSE     Burst and Transient Source Experiment

BAW     Baseline Assessment Workshop. (ILC)

BBS     Bulletin Board System. An electronic message center serving a specific interest group.

BC     Bubble chamber.

BCAL     Barrel CALorimeter

BCAT     A database primary.

BCD     Bottom Collider Detector (FermiLab)

BCD     Baseline Configuration Document (ILC).

BCSG     Big Collider Study Group

BD-100     The Neutron Bubble Detector-100 at Chalk River Nuclear Laboratory.

BDIR     Beam Delivery and Interaction Region (ILC).

Beam Code     A code of two bytes of timing information broadcasted from the MPG to all micros and crates. Each beam is operated under its own code which establishes its timing pattern. See PPYY and PP Beam #.

BEBC     Big European bubble chamber at CERN.

BELLE     KEKB detector (Japan)

BEMC     Backward ElectroMagnetic Calorimeter

BESS     Balloon-borne Experiment with Superconducting Spectrometer (US- Japan)

BFAC     B-FACtory.

B-Factory     See B Factory.

BFMail    An electronic mail system that allows PEP-II and Detector collaborators to send e-mail using the PEP-II Database from any computer platform. See also PEP-II Database.


BGO     Bismuth Germanate. (SLAC E-146 used a BGO spectrometer)

BGRP     Beam Group.

BIDB     Beam Intensity Display. A database primary.

BIDU     Beam Intensity Display Unit. A database primary.

Big Sky     A laser spot monitor for the SLC Laser gun. This is the name of a commercially available software and hardware package.

BIS     Business Information Systems (SLAC).

BIS2     BIS-2 spectrometer at Serpukhov.

BITNET     Because It's Time NETwork. A U.S. academic-based network that relied on the Internet network to transfer messages and files. Originally it was a separate international network that supported international communication via cooperating networks on most continents and gateways to unrelated networks.

BITT     Business Improvement and Transition Team.

BKDE     Brookhaven Kaon Decay Experiment.

Blow Torch Quads     A concentration of quadrupole magnets in the front end of the LINAC just after the positron injection point. The quads transport the large emittance positron beam through Sector 1.

BNHBC     British National Hydrogen Bubble Chamber.

BNL ION     Brookhaven heavy ion accelerator.

BNL Proposals     Experimental proposals put out by the Brookhaven Laboratory.

BOA     Basic Ordering Agreement.

BONA     Bonanza nonmagnetic detector at DORIS.

BPMP     Beam Position Monitor Processor. A CAMAC module that is used to process and digitize the four signals from BPMS.

BSD     Business Services Division.

BSIT     Business Services and Information Technology. (SLAC)

BSLS     Business Systems and Lab Support (BSD-SLAC)

BSM     BeamStrahlung Monitor. A device for detecting beamstrahlung radiation in the SLC final focus. See also Beamstrahlung.

BSMD     BeamStrahlung Monitor Data. A database primary.

BSO     Berkeley Site Office (DOE)

BTS     Business & Technology Services (SLAC)

BU     BUdget Office.

Bucking Coil     A solenoid used to cancel a detector field outside of the detection area (usually also a solenoid). Solenoid coils are used to cancel stray solenoid fields at the SLC or NPI guns, so that the beam is not adversely affected by the stray fields.

BUG     Basic User's Guide. An SLC Control system document.

Bugger List     The list of bypassed MPS devices such as ionization chambers, slits, or water temperature interlocks. The list is in a blue binder on the console desk.