Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak E

EA      Experimental Group A.

EAG     Employee Activity Group.

EB     Experimental Group B.

EC     Experimental Group C.

Echo-7     Experiment conducted at NLCTA in 2009-2010.

ECI     Export Controlled Information

ECON     Beam energy (GeV) at magnet center from the stored computer configuration currently in use.

ED     Experimental Group D.

EDB     Energy DataBase.

EE     Experimental Group E.

EFCOG     Energy Facilities Contractors Group

EFD     Experimental Facilities Department, formerly part of SLAC's Research Division, now the Facilities Department in the Operations Directorate.

EG     Experimental Group G.

EGRET     Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope,

EH     Experimental Group H.

EI     Experimental Group I.

ELD     Electronics Department (disbanded).

EMPACT     Electrons Muons Partons with Air Core Toroids. A proposed experiment at the SSC designed with a high resolution detector capable of utilizing the ultimate luminosity of the SSC. EMPACT was merged with the Texas collaboration, which was later combined with the L-star and other experiments to form a second detector effort at the SSC. See also GEM.

EN 17     Engine 17 at the SLAC Fire Station.

Energy Research and Development Agency     See ERDA.

EP&WM     Environmental Protection and Waste Management. Defunct SLAC department since restructured into two departments: Environmental Protection, and Restoration and Waste Management. ENVIRO

EP01     Extraction Positron 1. A micro-computer controlling the devices in the extraction line area.

EP02     Extraction Positron 2. The micro-computer controlling devices in the positron vault area.

EPC     Experimental Program Control.

EPO     Education and Public Outreach (GLAST).

EPW     Eugene P. Wigner (1902-1995), 1963 Nobel Laureate in Physics.

ERAB     Energy Research Advisory Board.

ERDA     Energy Research and Development Agency. Superseded the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC),and was itself superseded by the Department of Energy (DOE). Established 11 October 1974,superseded 4 August 1977.

ERL     Environmental Research Laboratories.

Errtalk     A VAX process broadcasting errors to terminals.

ES&HCC     Environment, Safety, and Health Coordinating Council.

ESA     Earth Sciences Associates.

ESAAB     Energy System Acquisition Advisory Board.

EVE     A text editing program for the VAX.