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Information from the SLAC Archives and History Office can be found using the following tools.

Images  provides an interface to our photograph database. We also provide information about the official SLAC photographs and point you to other sources.

Archival Collections are described in a database that provides information about the records and manuscript collections. The SLAC Archives are a centralized collection of inactive official records of SLAC and personal papers of physicists and staff. Access to material deposited in the SLAC Archives is granted as follows: 

  • Institutional records over 30 years old: open for research
  • Institutional records 30 years old or less: restricted to use by creating office only
  • Personal papers: subject to terms established at time of deposit

SLAC Popular Periodicals for staff and the science-interested public date to the laboratory's earliest days. This resource provides brief histories of the various titles and formats.

Digital Resources is our repository of material that has been digitized or was born digital.

Oral History interviews with SLAC staff and users have been conducted at SLAC and at other institutions by SLAC Archives and History Office staff and by others interested in the history of physics and computing.

Archival Research Rules govern the use of SLAC Archival material. The purpose of the SLAC Archives and History Office is to preserve and maintain the historic, permanent, non-current records of the Laboratory and to make these materials available for research.

And finally, we point to other resources both at SLAC and elsewhere that we believe would be of interest to our researchers as well as to those responsible for creating or keeping records here at SLAC.

Please note: Only a very small fraction of our collections are digitized or available online. Please contact the Archives if you are unable to find what you need on the Archives website. Researchers are encouraged to consult with the Archivist, who can assist you.

SLAC's former Accelerator Main Control Center panels -- Bldg. 003
SLAC's former Accelerator Main Control Center panels -- Bldg. 003 (SLAC (Orrell))