Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak L

LAC     Liquid Argon Calorimeter. A SLD detector system. See also Calorimeter.

Landau Damping     Obsolete. See BNS Damping.

Laser-wire     A high-powered laser beam focused down to the smallest spot possible and used in the SLC to measure the size of the interaction point. The SLC laser-wire, commissioned in July, 1996,replaces conventional wire measures, which break apart from thermal shock at high beam intensities.

LASS     Large Aperture Superconducting Solenoid spectrometer at SLAC. A decommissioned ESB experiment.

LAVC     Local Area VAX Cluster.

LEACH     Local Electronics And Cryogenics Housing.

LEBC     Little European Bubble Chamber (CERN)

LEEP     Laboratory Electronics Equipment Pool.

LEM     Linac Energy Management. A VAX procedure used to adjust the LINAC quadrupole focusing strengths to match the changing beam energy profile. The beam energy varies as klystrons trip off, or their phases are changed.

LGPS     LarGe Power Supply. A database primary. Each LGPS is controlled by a CAMAC module (PSC).

LIB     LIBrary.

LIN     Abbreviation for Linac. 

LINE     An Interactive Graphics Program.

LIRIC     Linac Improvement and Reliability Investigation Committee.

LITA     Library and Information Technology Association.

LMAC     LEP Machine Advisory Committee.

LRP     Long Range Plan (DOE).

LST     Limited Streamer Tubes. (BaBar)

LTDA     Long-Term Data Access. (BaBar)

LTR     Linac To Ring.