Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak H

H1     DESY-HERA detector

HADES     High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer

Handypak     Histogram and display package program. Computer graphics software formerly used at SLAC.

Hazardous Experimental Equipment Committee     See HEEC.

HBC     Hydrogen bubble chamber.

HDBC     Hydrogen and deuterium bubble chambers.

HEACC     High Energy Accelerator Conference.

HEBC     HElium Bubble Chamber.

HEEC     Hazardous Experimental Equipment Committee. An ad hoc committee which reviews and approves certain hazardous systems such as pressure vessels or large volumes of hazardous gases or cryogenic liquids for use by experimenters.

HEEP     High Energy Equipment Pool. A SLAC organizational group. Also High Energy Electronics Pool.

HEP     High Energy Physics. A major SPIRES database maintained jointly by the SLAC and DESY libraries which in 1999 contained > 390,000 references to preprints, journal articles, reports, theses, and conference papers. Used worldwide. Supserseded by InSPIRE-HEP.

HER     High Energy Ring for PEP-II, a 9 GeV storage ring for electrons.


HERMES     an experiment at DESY.

HESYRL     Hefei SYnchrotron Radiation Laboratory.

HLBC     Heavy-Liquid Bubble Chamber.

HOME     HOMEstake underground scintillation detector (South Dakota).

HOT     Sponsored by SLAC Computing Services, this meeting includes a review of scheduled power outages, a discussion of identified problems and outstanding issues, along with a brief recap of the Accelerator Operations daily meeting. The meeting is open to all laboratory staff.

HRS     PEP High-Resolution Spectrometer (SLAC).

HSTA     Hardware STAtus. A VAX database status bit indicating if a device is on-line or off-line.

HYBR     HYBRid: bubble chamber + electronics.

HYC     Hard Y Corrector.

Hypercard     A kind of programming environment that organizes all forms of information into what appear as stacks of index cards. The user then manipulates those stacks to create applications.