Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak O

OBLX     OBELIX detector at LEAR HEP

OC     Original Cataloging.

OCS     Office of Confinement Systems.

OER     Office of Energy Research.

OLYA     Detector at VEPP-2M and VEPP-4, Novosibirsk.

OMEG     CERN OMEGA spectrometer.

One-Shot     To one-shot refers to an SLC operator manually activating a feedback loop to make one attempt to automatically adjust to within its preset tolerances. This corrects for devices that slowly drift from their ideal settings, without risking the possible malfunctions that might arise if the computer made continuous or frequent adjustments without the operator's monitoring of the results.

OPAC     Online Public Access Catalog. The electronic descendant of the library card catalog, an OPAC contains bibliographic records and is interactively searchable. Access to an OPAC maybe limited to members of its generating institution's community, or may be open to a broader set of network users.

OPAL     OPAL detector at LEP.

OPCW     Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons.

OSP     Office of Special Projects.

OSPK     Optical SParK chamber.

OST     Office of Science and Technology (1962-1973, functions transferred to NSF).