Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak U-V-W


UG     Unified Graphics. (Obsolete)

Unibus     A bus system developed by DEC for the PDPs and other DEC computers.

USPCI     U. S. Pollution Control, Inc.


Valiant Little Terminal     See VLT.

VAX     Virtual Access computer made by Digital Equipment Corporation.

VAX CAMAC Channel     See VCC.

VAX SLCNET Channel     See VSC.

VBA     Very Big Accelerator.

VCAM     Video Cable Access Module. A CAMAC module which can be programmed to multiplex any one out of eight video signals from cameras and to transfer that signal to one of five possible CATV channels. It multiplexes the video signals used by the operators at MCC.

VCC     VAX CAMAC Channel. A chassis which interfaces the VAX unibus DMA system to the CAMAC system.

VCO     A chassis used to vary the damping ring frequency.

VDCI     Video Digitizer Clock Interface. A CAMAC module.

VDS     Vertex Detector System. (Mark II) HEP

VDST     Video Distribution SysTem. A VAX primary.

VDT     Video Display Terminal.

Video Cable Access Module     See VCAM.

Virtual Machine     See VM.

Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System     See VM/CMS.

VM     Virtual Machine. Refers to the operating system on the IBM 3081 or 3270. (Phased out at SLAC in 1997.)

VM/CMS     Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System. IBM main interactive timesharing system.

VMS     Virtual Memory System. DEC's designation for the VAX operating system. COMPUTING

VSC     VAX SLCNET Channel. Refers usually to the interface circuit and firmware (the VSC box) between the VAX and the SLCNET.

VVC     Virtual Visitors Center


WDC     Washington, DC GOV

WIC     Warm Iron Calorimeter. A part of the SLD detector.

Wirefix     A System for making harmonic corrections in the SLC arcs.

WIS     Women's Interchange at SLAC.

WISRD     Wire Imaging Synchrotron Radiation Detector. Part of the system that measured beam energies at the SLC.

WSC     Web Support Coordinator

WWWCC     WWW Coordinating Committee (SLAC)

Www-tech     World Wide Web Technical Committee (SLAC).

WYLBUR     A text editing program for the VAX. It was a component of SLAC's mainframe system before VM, the IBM 360 OS/VS.