Preliminary site plan for SLAC, 1962
Legacy SLACspeak

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Legacy SLACspeak G

GAC-SAC     General Advisory Committee - Science Advisory Committee. (1960s)

GADC     Gated Analog to Digital Converter. A circuit that selectively converts analog signals to a format readable by the computer. A SLC database primary.

Gargamelle     CERN Bubble Chamber commissioned in 1971.

GEM     Gamma, Electron, and Muon experiment. An SSC experiment which featured the `GEM' detector.

GENIUS     GErmanium in NItrogen Underground Setup. A proposal to use a ton or more of naked enriched germanium-76 detectors in a shielding of liquid nitrogen to probe neutrino mass.

GEONET     A program for alignment of SLC.

GGM (CERN)     GarGaMelle bubble chamber.

GIAT     Get-It-All-Together (SLC Group).

GKS     Graphic Kernal System. (Obsolete)

GM     General Motors.

GOCO     Government Owned, Contractor Operated (DOE).

GOLI     CERN GOLIath bubble chamber.

Gopher     A menu-based system for exploring Internet resources that pre-dates the World Wide Web. Requires a gopher server, which presents its contents as a hierarchically-structured list of files.

Greening     The action of trimming a phase, a feedback or a BACT to a nominal value or set-point. The new value as displayed by the VAX on its color monitors will be green (in tolerance) as opposed to red or yellow (out of tolerance).

Grinnel     A graphic video display system using the PICT imaging system. Used with the VAX to generate graphics. (The machine is made by Grinnel Systems Corporation).

GSG     Graphic Study Group (SCS).

GT-MHR     Gas Turbine -- Modular Helium Reactor.

GWP     Ground Warfare Panel.